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Announcement: (UPDATED FEB 2016) Forum Rules - Please read

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Rules Summary

Hi, and welcome to the ShakiraMedia forums!

Below you find the forum rules and guidelines to keep the forum clean and to make sure that everybody will get along. Please read these rules carefully! Failure to do so might lead to warnings and/or a ban.

The rules are devided into four parts:

  • Welcome (You're reading that now)
  • Board Policies
  • Repercussions
  • Welcome part 2 / Help

Make sure you read these rules, and get familiar with them. Enjoy your stay!

Board Policies

These are the board rules. Read them, familiarize yourself with them.

Prohibited content

  • Pornography is not allowed. Tasteful nude pictures may be permitted.
  • Copyrighted material is not allowed. Please make sure that you do not post download links to material that is copyrighted. This includes requesting or offering to send the download files or links via PM or email. Exceptions are mp3 or video files which are not on sale; i.e. rare remixes or unreleased tracks. You may post download links to teasers or clips up to 30 seconds in length. 
  • Warez or help with warez. Additionally no cracks, hacks or anything else of that kind.

Forum policies

  • Don't use vulgar language.
  • No Trolling. Trolling, for those not familiar with Internet lingo, is defined as posting just to get a negative reaction from other board members.
  • Arguments are allowed, but be respectful.
  • Going off topic is allowed within reason. Excessive off topic conversation will be regarded as spam or trolling and action from the staff will be taken.
  • If you do not agree with an action done by a moderator, PM E or any other Admin and explain the issue in detail. They will decide if your complaint is valid or not.
  • Don't post a reply that only has a smilie. We consider that spam.
  • Don't post the same topic twice. Before you post a new thread, do a search first.
  • Rumors should be treated as rumors. Please include the word rumor in your topic title if you're posting something that is not confirmed.
  • Members are allowed only one account. Don't register for more than one account, if we detect that you did, you will receive a permanent ban. Accounts cannot be deleted.

Signatures and Avatars

  • Only one signature image per member.
  • Your Signature should not be larger than 800x250 pixels and should be static (no moving gifs).
  • Please be respectful of other members' internet connections and keep your signature and avatar file sizes as small as possible.

View these rules periodically. The rules may change at any given time to suit the needs of the forum.


Unfortunately we have to warn people who do not follow the rules. We want everybody to know when we will warn, and what such a warning means.

When does somebody get a warning, and what does it mean?

  • Everybody can get up to 10 warnings.
  • A single warning is given out when you break the rules.
  • You will get 2 warnings if you break the 'Prohibited content' rules.
  • You will get an extra warning if you get warned for the same thing twice.
  • A warning is what it says it is: It is to let you know that you are doing something wrong. You will need to change the way you act on the forum.

What happens if I get a warning?

  • When you get a warning you will receive an PM (from a moderator) why you got the warning.
  • You should read the rules again in order so that you don't get another one!
  • With your 7th warning you will receive a 48 hour ban.
  • With your 8th warning you will receive a 7-day ban.
  • With your 9th warning you will receive a 14-day ban.
  • With your 10th warning you will receive a permanent ban.

I have been really good lately! Can you remove the warning?
Unfortunately, no. We do not remove warnings. A warning is something to learn from. It does not immediately mean that you will be banned. It just means that you will need to look over the rules again, and adjust your behavior accordingly.

I got a (temporary) ban! What now?

  • Don't register for a new account. If we detect that you did, you will get a permanent ban.
  • Wait for the time to pass. For example if you got the 48 hour ban, wait 48 hours.
  • PM or Email an admin after the ban period has ended. He/she can unban you.

I got a (permanent) ban! What now?

  • Don't register for a new account. If we detect that you did, we will notify your internet provider. This means that your internet connection will be disconnected due to abuse.
  • You are no longer welcome on the forum. If you feel really bad about this you may ask an admin after 6 months for an unban. This does not mean that you will get an unban! But we might consider giving you a second chance.

Welcome part 2 / Help

After reading all that: Welcome as a full ShakiraMedia forums member :blackdreamer:

Lastly, at this forum we try to keep things as organized as possible. We have a few threads that we've made to keep repetitive threads at a minimum:

And if you have any questions, feel free to email or PM any of the moderators or admins.
Have fun!